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In order to achieve sporting and professional successes, it is necessary to enhance natural talent with support from people who know how to help exactly where, when and how it is best. By working with experienced professionals in the fields of sports and education, we believe we are best placed in order to ensure local, national and global talents do not go to waste.

Our Sporting Education Foundation has been set up to move with the times and offer everyone we work with carefully tailored and thoroughly prepared support at every stage of development – be this in sport, studies or other fields of enterprise – ensuring no one is left lacking and wanting in case of need.

Sometimes all that is needed is a good, wise word, some kindness, some time and human contact – and at other times, financial support and material resources. We treat everyone as individuals deserving of our time and attention, so that everyone we work with has the greatest chance of achieving their aims in ways which are most efficient and effective.

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PIT tax contributions can be sent to us via KRS: 0000730659

and specific objective: FES TENIS 9026

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