We produce goodness

Our goals

Our guiding aims are:


educational, cultural and civic activities, the personal and physical development of children and young people, promoting a healthy way of life, facilitating personal and professional development through sporting activities and support for those in challenging personal and financial circumstances.


benefitting the development of local communities and civil society, promoting cultural and civic activities, helping offer equal opportunities for persons and groups who are marginalised or disadvantaged.


sporting, scientific, cultural and civic partnerships between representatives of different countries and communities.

About Foundation

We help children and young people develop their sporting and educational talents, encouraging them to follow their passions for learning and competing. We strive to integrate local communities in the fields of sporting activities, culture and education by organising and supporting local initiatives.

We make every possible effort to strengthen healthy relations, generating positive energies and creating solid foundations for civil society.

Our motto is as follows:

„If your home has been blessed by good fortune, instead of extending the fences round it, extend its welcome to all you can…”
This is the philosophy we wish to use to unite all those wishing to build, bond and bolster the people and the world around them.

We produce goodness – for everyone we can reach!!!


Michał Borowski

Barbara Borowska

Anna Dobosz

Jakub Dobosz

Janusz Krupa

Grzegorz Walendzik

Lidia Krupa

Szymon Krupa


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