Our foundation

Fundacja Edukacja Sportowa / Sporting Education Foundation was set up in 2018 by Michał and Barbara Borowski.

We strive to support young people in developing their sporting and educational talents, helping them pursue their passions and develop their personal skills and strengths. Sporting activities help participants learn respect for their opponents, how to act in ways which are responsible, organised and competitive with the intention of overcoming our own weaknesses and learning how to play and work and live in ways which are fair and honourable, all the while developing physical and innate strengths and healthy ways of being. Education should lead to the development of resilience, creativity, courage, but also the ability to look critically at the world around us and carefully analyse the data and opinions so prevalent in the public sphere. These are the values we wish to promote in the society all around us…

We also wish to bring the local community together around activities which involve sport, studies, wellbeing and culture, supporting initiatives connected with education and learning through sport and healthy ways of living.

Our guiding aims are:

supporting educational, cultural and civic activities;
supporting the personal and physical development of children and young people;
promoting a healthy way of life;
facilitating personal and professional development through sporting activities and other forms of support for those in challenging personal and financial circumstances;
supporting children and young people in education and giving them the opportunities to develop personally and professionally;
actively benefitting the development of local communities and civil society, promoting cultural and civic activities, helping offer equal opportunities for persons and groups who are marginalised or disadvantaged.
developing sporting, scientific, cultural and civic partnerships between representatives of different countries and communities.

We invite you to get in touch – we are certain that positive energies and tangible satisfaction emerging from helping others are the greatest form or recognition and reward.

Our greatest aim and ambition is to create a sports and education centre in Gora Kalwaria called “Tenisowa Góra Kalwaria” – Tennis Gora Kalwaria – which will be a meeting place not only for tennis and soccer players, but also for all local residents. We trust that this initiative will allow us to release and harness positive energies, leading to more future initiatives created by others.

Visualization of the emerging facility

Produce goodness with us!

However, we do not want to limit ourselves to the tennis initiative. As residents of the Góra Kalwaria Commune, we met many times with people whose positive energy made a great impression on us – we believe that together we can do more. Sometimes there were also situations in which we could help make other people’s dreams come true – we are very happy about it and we hope for more.

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