Our Stakeholders

Sporting Education Foundation was established by a group of people wishing to help children with sporting and educational talents in order to help them develop even faster and further – also, to aid those who are unable to pursue their life plans for one reason or another. We also want to engage the local community in sporting, cultural, educational and wellbeing, which is why we support initiatives and people who share above goals.

We support and launch activities in the following fields

sports and learning scholarships
lessons and presentations
work with schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions
healthy living initiatives
enhancing local entrepreneurship
supporting local people striving to make their world a better place to live, learn and play in

We always wish to learn more about the lives of the people we work with, allowing us to best prepare programmes of assistance and support which meet their exact needs. All of this takes concentrated effort, and it is important to inspire people to help them help themselves and change their attitudes and aspirations.

If you know anyone who might be in need of our assistance – please contact us and share their story if possible